Always Hardcore

For everyone who goes out there and really does things. For everyone who doesn't give up. For everyone who pushes a little bit harder.

Filmed and photographed in Australia on trips from 2007 to 2014.

Cars: 1989 Mitsubishi Pajero Superwagon dual fuel
1994 Nissan Patrol GQ dual fuel
1993 Nissan Patrol GQ diesel
1998 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado petrol

Roadgame - Nissan Patrol Edition

This is an obituary for "Frank the Tank", my first Nissan Patrol GQ, which was taken from me way too soon.

Cooper Creek Flood of Lake Eyre 2010

Lake Eyre is Australia's lowest point and is usually a dry salt lake. But in some years it rains more than usual in Queensland, thousands of kilometers away and the flood water slowly snakes its way through old creek beds until it reaches the ancient "inland sea".
2010 was one of those years with the Cooper Creek system feeding into lake Eyre. I decided I needed to see this with my own eyes.

35000km in Australia

Australia 2007 - a 4 month road trip - always on the move - going with the flow.